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Steinborn TCN offers you all the commercial real estate services that you can need in Las Cruces, New Mexico and El Paso, Texas. Las Cruces offers a great location for relocating businesses or investments into new businesses. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with all of your commercial real estate needs in both Las Cruces and El Paso.

Today, Las Cruces is the second largest city in the state of New Mexico located in Doña Ana County. Doña Ana County is home to more than 150,000 residents. In 1888, Las Cruces opened an agricultural university which became New Mexico State University. NMSU is a comprehensive doctoral level university, has fifty master's degree programs, and 77 baccalaureate degree programs. NMSU offers museums, art galleries, professional theater, music, concerts, national performers and road shows, an activity center, an 18-hole golf course, tennis courts, and swimming pools.

In addition to a comprehensive university, Las Cruces also offers vocational and two-year degree programs through Doña Ana Branch Community College. DABCC provides two-year associate degree programs and a variety of shorter professional certificate programs of one year or less. DABCC provides Doña Ana County with a well trained workforce. DABCC also provides basic skill courses for adults, which includes GED preparation, citizenship classes, basic reading classes, and English as second language courses.

The Las Cruces Public School district has 35 schools: 24 elementary (K-5), 7 middle schools (6-8 grade), and 4 high schools (9-12 grade). There is also one vocational high school with grades 8-12 and 6 private schools each varying from grade K-12.

Las Cruces offers its residents extensive and top medical services through three major hospitals. Memorial Medical Center is a full service, JCAHO accredited, acute care, community not-for-profit, teaching medical center that serves over 180,000 people. MMC has 286 licensed beds and is currently expanding for another 99 additional beds and services. Specialized programs offered at MMC are: Heritage Program For Senior Adults, MMC Home Health Services (Medicare certified), Ikard Cancer Treatment Center, University of New Mexico Cancer Center South, Memorial Family Medicine Center, Bone and Joint Center of Southern New Mexico, First Step Clinics (Women's and pediatrics health care), Memorial Heart Center for Heart and Vascular Care, Women's Health and Wellness, Memorial Healthplex, Prompt Care, Memorial Outpatient Rehabilitation Center, Orthopedic Surgery Center, and Family Practice Center.

In addition to Memorial Medical Center, a new hospital recently opened in Las Cruces and offers the community additional medical services. Mountain View Regional Medical Center opened in 2002 and is JCAHO accredited. All 168 licensed beds are inpatient private rooms. This facility offers: 24-hour emergency care, Center for Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine, Community Health Education Programs, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Imaging Services, Intensive Care, Cardiac Care Unit, Regional Heart Center, Outpatient services and surgery, Pediatrics Unit, Physical Rehabilitation Center (Physical, speech, and occupational therapy), Surgical services, and Women's Center (services and resource center). Families or retirees may rest assured that the medical services available in Las Cruces are extensive and top of the line.

The third hospital to service the residents of Las Cruces is the Mesilla Valley Hospital. This facility is a private adult and adolescent psychiatric care hospital. It is JCAHO and CYFD accredited and offers treatment for a variety of behavioral issues and chemical dependence.

Located east of Las Cruces, over the Organ Mountains, a military base known as White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) was built in 1944. Today, this thriving and vital military base has evolved into a unique tri-service facility for test, evaluation, research, and assessment of military systems and commercial products. WSMR engages in operational combat exercises, test and evaluation of rockets and missiles, and many other activities. It is the largest open-air/over-land missile range in the world and is used by the Army, Navy, Air Force, NASA, universities, private industries, and foreign militaries.

The warm-dry climate, brilliant sunsets, and opportunities that drew settlers to Las Cruces more than one hundred years ago is still an appealing component for the residents today. The community of Las Cruces has expanded since those early wild west days and offers the new generation of citizens a rich cultural environment, extensive educational opportunities, top medical services, military relocation opportunities, cutting edge technology, and much more!

The following is a great write up on the history of our area.

Beginning in 1848 with the conclusion of the Mexican-American War, the United States expanded its borders west to the Rio Grande River. The newly acquired land became the US Territory of New Mexico. This land of enchantment was once explored by Spanish conquistadors for gold, and inhabited by various Native American tribes such as Mogollon, Pueblos, and Apaches. With the Gadsden Purchase in 1854, the borders were extended with an additional 30,000 square miles that went beyond the Rio Grande River.

The area today called the city of Las Cruces was part of the land acquired from Mexico. This land is situated west of the Organ Mountains and east of the Rio Grande River and was originally known as La Placita de Las Cruces, or the Place of the Crosses. Various tales surround how the city got its name. The most commonly believed story is that of an Apache massacre of a wagon train of forty travelers from Taos. One lone survivor was left after the Apache raid, and this young man buried the settlers and erected crosses in their memory. Today, three crosses symbolize the historic name of the city of Las Cruces and are erected in various places through out the community.

Settlers arrived to the new territory seeking free land, gold, adventure, and a fresh start in life. Former Mexican residents, who were not satisfied with their changed status to American citizens, packed their belongings and moved across the Rio Grande establishing the small town of La Mesilla. However, within seven years, this land would become US territory as well and the residents of Mesilla were once again living in the United States.

In 1849, 120 settlers arrived and with this sudden influx of people, the government commissioned Lt. Delos Bennett Sackett to Las Cruces to oversee the building of the town. Using ropes and stakes, Sackett designed a layout of the town, which included a plaza and central church location. Sackett created 84 plots of land and the new settlers drew from a hat in order to determine their new home site. The population of Las Cruces steadily increased through the railroad, which passed through Las Cruces and the Butterfield Stage Coach, which made Mesilla a central stopping area for passengers.

Colorful characters in history permeate the Las Cruces and Mesilla areas. Billy the Kid was held for trial in Mesilla. Pat Garrett, the legendary sheriff who shot the Kid, lived and died in Las Cruces. Pancho Villa, the Mexican bandit, raided ranches in the area and fled for refuge in the nearby Mexican border. Geronimo, the infamous Native American, led raids against various settlers and hid from US troops in a mysterious New Mexican cave. Cattle barons like John Chisum, Oliver Lee, Susan 'Cattle Queen' McSween Barber, lived and built legendary dynasties. The Wild West - appropriately named for its tumultuous and resplendent history - became the 47th state on January 6, 1917.



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